Friday, November 11, 2011

Scientific Breakthrough!

I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
The gun reverses the laws of Physics!

Away from the demanding lemon tree,
Away from the grasping olive grove,
Away from the children splashing in the dust,
Water flows uphill here,
Up to the sniper’s concrete garden,
For he has magic, itchy fingers,
For he must be obeyed,
For it is written in his book,
For his eyes are blue with stars.
Wherever his gaze lingers,
He shall spy those who have strayed,
Shrivel with a single look.
Look around you. See the scars.

Short of water for your fruit and veg?
Not enough for your jacuzzi?
Forget new schemes for irrigation!
Buy yourself an brand new Uzi!

A break in my Mother's epic journey. Not only do Zionist settlers divert water away from Palestinian communities, but they have made a sport of firing at people trying to access what little water is left.


  1. i like these type of poems that touch the reality in a very slight way .
    this is the beauty of wording .

  2. This poem says so much in such a powerful way. A strong message said in a beautiful way..