Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Ultimate Quiz

The noose is tightening.
It’s stolen my voice away.
Reduced to a feeble whisper,
But with so much left to say.

So many awkward questions
And only one answer,
So don’t go away.
The answers will not change,
However much you pray.

Q1. Which modern nation state justified
its existence on the graves of six million who died?

Q2. Which modern nation state came into being
with its own deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing?

Q3. Which modern nation state constantly expands
its boundaries, either by military conquest,
or the illegal settlement of occupied lands?

Q4. Which modern nation state brings to the feast
the largest arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological
weapons in the entire Middle East?

Q5. Which modern nation state, in its own cause,
employs extra judicial execution and kidnapping
of opponents, wherever they seek refuge,
in defiance of all international laws?

Q6. Which modern nation state
routinely imprisons tens of thousands
without charge or trial?
The world stands idle all the while.

Q7. Which modern nation state openly abuses
internationally banned weaponry
against dense civilian populations?
Who needs excuses?

Q8. The leaders of which modern nation state,
since the day of its foundation,
have all been members of violent terrorist organisation,
or personally involved in the most brutal massacres.
Where do we hear a word of condemnation?

Q9. Which modern nation state, alone, defies
the laws of Economics with
a permanent balance of trade deficit?
while we must scrabble to make ends meet,
they get money manna from a bottomless pit.

Q10. Which modern nation state, my brother,
is in defiance of more UN resolutions
than any other?

How have you scored on this one track quiz?
Do you even care what the answer is?
Do you dare to leave us all alone,
or will you join with us to tear it down.
stone by bloody stone?

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