Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Midnight on the bare mountain,
pressing flesh into stone,
seeking shelter from the wind
that slices to the bone,
facing down my fears
until the demon’s done.

Mid-day/night in anonymous cell.
The light always bright in my eyes,
so who can tell? I count the scratches
on the bloody wall, the ones that mark
each blow that landed, each time I fell,
each time you dragged me up, the smell
of your sweat, my fear now,
waiting for your footsteps’ warning fall,
running finger tips over cuts and grazes,
feeling bruises bloom and swell.

Midnight on the king-size bed,
Plenty room to toss and burn,
Time enough and more to listen
To the slow wheel’s turn.

For all Palestinians imprisoned ( the majority without trial ) by the Zionist state.

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  1. I feel that these words are powerful in the way they convey a very important issue that is happening right now. Great stuff.