Thursday, July 28, 2011

A poem for REJ - Simon Eilbeck

Wastwater Lake: the water smooth
The hills inverted in its glass
Eyes scan the shore, seeking perfection
Settling for not bad - a stone
Flat, almost round, rough around an edge or two
Good enough.

Squinting into the sun, knees bent
Hand level with the water line
The stone pulled back like a drawn arrow
A breath, then release

The pebble flies in silence
Kisses he water and - yes! - on it goes
The glass ripples, hills distort
The pebble skips the water again
Ripples undulate and expand
The sky trembles in the lake’s image
The stone skips on
The ripples radiate and begin to collide
Rhythms syncopate and multiply
The water dances

A smile eases its way across a face
A laugh escapes - “Good enough!”
The water calms, the hills and sky return
Brighter, more vivid than before.

Thanks to Simon - a single memory of a moment many years ago, now brought to life just when I need it.


  1. I have a fondness for Wastwater. I love it when it is moody and brooding and alternately when the sun shines and the feeling is one of good times
    brought on by the sheer magic of the raw beauty.
    I have read this poem and the memories flooded back. I enjoyed it.

  2. Great poem, my senses were touched as I read this, thank you.