Sunday, July 17, 2011

On your wedding

When the seed is planted, no one knows,
For sure, if good will come of it, but
Still we fuss and tend in hope and then
The miracle takes root again. We see,
That out of love, love surely grows.

The ground may seem rough. The snows
And the frost may come, yet somewhere,
Below the surface, a secret comes to life,
Though fires rage above, it thrives,
That love from whence all love flows.

Though, all around, a gathering of crows
Bodes ill, through their raucous voices
We still hear the softer one. Above them all,
The dove soars high which bears the seed, so
That out of love, love surely grows.

A very happy posting!


  1. This flows so well in a style that I can't quite identify however I do feel that there is maybe a touch of romance which could be touched and influenced by Shakespeare.

  2. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing this one :)