Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Invisible Man

He wants to wear a uniform.
Make him stand naked in the dock.

He wants the world to know his face.
Fix an iron mask in its place.

He wants you to remember his name.
Give him a number instead.

He wants the spotlight of celebrity.
Pin him with the searchlight of infamy.

He wants the oxygen of publicity.
Give him the Zyklon B of anonymity.

He wants to explain what he did.
Give him four blank walls to talk to.

He wishes to be considered unique.
Solitary then, one cell, one freak.

And should he tire one day and beg a lethal drink,
Offer him water and even more time to think.

For him no gruesome martyr’s shrine,
Ashes cast among the ignorant swine.

You cannot debate with a man carrying a semi-automatic.


  1. The poem encompasses it all. The sad reality of the man now labelled 'insane' by his lawyer.

  2. Anonymous6:11 AM

    mayhem and murder
    flowers float in Norway's lake
    hate's thirst never slakes

  3. Thanks Darlene. I dropped in on your site and loved your work.