Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cat Walk

First, tap-tapping down the aisle
Comes Miss Uzi, efficiency and style,
The perfect little black number, neat,
Suitable for all occasions.
See how she has them
Falling at her feet.

So sleek, so svelte,
The shapely Stealth,
All clean lines, made to blend
And yet, when she has come and gone,
Her impact is impossible to forget,
The shape of things to come.

If you like your models brash
And in your face, here’s Cobra.
What she lacks in grace
She shows in power, sweeping in
Below your expectations, no frills,
No subtlety from the start.
Thump, thump goes another heart.

Retro is chic. Anatoly’s design
Has a special spot in any collection,
A by-word for economy,
Your off-the-peg, over the shoulder selection,
Mass produced, the working girl’s choice.
No need for a designer label
When it comes to dress code
AK47 stands the test of time.

Behind the scenes, after the show,
Uniformed workers bustle to and fro,
Sweeping away redundant trash.
Somewhere, safely out of sight,
Grey accountants add up all the cash.

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