Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On opening Pandora's Ballot Box

That wiped the smug smile off your face.
Gone self-satisfaction and in its place,
each time the facade starts to slip,
we see clear evidence of your curling lip.

Having scrambled to the summit, surveyed all the land,
chaos, confusion was hardly your plan,
promises written in smoke spanned the skies
then dispersed to lay bare the expanse of your lies.

Exposed as a fall guy, a frail man of straw,
doomed to oblivion, wielding power no more,
wrapped in an old blanket in a darkened, dank room,
reviewing old videos in the gathering gloom.

Fresh faced, bright eyed, this season's New Look,
less than a year was all that it took
for the make up to fade and reveal faded glory.
No more dashing Young Liberal, same old cynical Tory.

Never has a betrayed electorate wielded vengeance more swiftly and decisively!

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