Saturday, January 15, 2011

Urban Mythology

It can’t be true.
In the City of Angels,
in the Land of the Free,
the poor are gathering dead birds
from the street,
desperate for anything to eat.
Beneath the hoarding
with a double-decker big whopper
and bucket of fries,
they’re roasting pigeons
on open fires.

No one asks why
so many feathered friends
tumble from the sky,
or how come,
in the midst of riches
there are those that starve
and die in roadside ditches.

The movers and shakers
are distracted, feathering
their own nests, or
taking aim at one another,
regardless of who gets caught
in friendly fire.

What about you?
When you read the stories
did your jaw, like mine, just drop?
Stop. Convince me.
It really can’t be true!

Human Rights Examiner January 19th 2011

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