Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Art of the Double Act

A peerless pair
of brazen buggers,
bosom buddies of bent bankers
and multi-national muggers.

We didn't think of it first.
It was a classical crime.
Janus was a god and he
Faced both ways at the same time.

Now gone is the old routine.
Much smarter is our all soft touch
( Hard cop, soft cop is so has-been )
Rakes in bonuses, twice as much.

Know when to be serious.
Know when to smile.
Keep the sharp knives unseen,
concealed by consumate style.

Tell the truth and tell it big.
Even if you look real hard,
can you tell the difference
between one man and the other pig?

Fun ranging from a quotation from Catullus ( poem 57 ) to Orwell's own prophetic vision. Hundreds of years pass and we still have to put up with the same shit.

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