Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Wasteland

You heard it here first -
The South Sea Gherkin’s burst!
Blackberries jam up the Underground
And everywhere you hear the sound
Or nervous, corporate farting,
Squeaking rats departing.
There’s a warrant out for the Cocaine Kid.
They’re desperate to know where he hid
The loot. His cousin, Cam the Sham, wears
A mournful, honest face, swears
We’re all in it together. It’s only fair
That each and every one of us should share
The pain. His Old Lady’s tucked her skirts tight in.
Her charity is wearing awfully thin,
But you can tell she really cares
For all the struggling millionaires,
Gathered round the Cabinet table,
Doing the level best that they are able
To line the pockets of their kith and kin,
Without be found guilty of that capital sin,
Being caught with one’s fingers in the till.
Rob the blind! Do what you will.
Loot and ravage with impunity.
The next lot of thieves are sure to grant immunity.

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