Monday, November 01, 2010

Stick it where The Sun can't shine!

Rape, murder, torture
celebrated with outrageous pun,
hallmark of the tabloid,
zenith of The Sun.

Foreigners, scroungers, wasters
each and every one,
unless they are Australian and
owners of The Sun.

Raghead, Chink, Spic,
Frog, Mick, Ivan, Hun
all fair game when you name and shame
on the front page of The Sun.

Sadism, perversion, depravity,
all bodice ripping fun
doing wonders for the circulation
of the ever probing Sun.

A hamster and a minister
in flagrante with a nun
sure fire banner headline
in tomorrow's Super Sun.

WMD, poison gas
nuclear warheads by the megaton,
we found them all hidden
behind page 3 of The Sun.

Fear, hate, greed,
when all is said on done,
these are the needs that drive us on,
by commandment of The Sun.

No scrap of human decency,
morals have I none,
perfect qualifications
for editor of The Sun.

A world groaning with refugees
who cares? WE WON
shareholders of The Sun.

You'll never find the truth
in the webs that we have spun
pointless even searching
through the columns of The Sun.

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