Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't ask....

following the latest bomb scares
according to
reliable Western intelligence resources
( how many oxymorons
can you fit into one line of poetry? )
there are between four hundred
and five hundred Al Quaida operatives
working out of the Yemen
which begs several questions

one, if you can count them
then you must know
who they are and if
you know who they are
you might be expected
to do something
to stop them sending
explosives round the globe?

two, if they are so damned clever
blending in seamlessly with
the local population
that no one knows
who the hell they are.
then how the fuck
can you count them?

three, is it remotely possible
that this 'organisation'
is the product of feverish minds
now that the red ogres
have morphed into venture capitalists
and populate the hospitality suites
of all the chic London clubs
both lap dancing, and soccer,
leaving us in need of new horrors
lurking under our beds?

four, don't we need
something to take our minds off
bankers bonuses, off shore holdings,
speculation, hedge funds managers,
Swiss bank accounts, media monopolists,
the number of millionaires in the Cabinet?

It's all so obvious.
It all makes sense
doesn't it?

I have given up listening to or watching the 'news' before I smash up all the radios and tvs in the house!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Nurses swarm through the ward
saving their stings for the feckless drones,
the ones with clipboards and pens,
quick to point and then make copious notes.
For us, trapped in beds and chairs,
carers have nothing but honey,
soft words to see us through the endless day.

Is it too much to expect
that the Minister of Health,
( or whatever fancy title
the new all joined-up government
sees fit to conjure up),
should understand that hospitals
run on compassion and selfless dedication,
whilst the counting of paper clips,
paper cups, beans and chips,
the correct alignment of a med chart
have as much relevance
as the Minister’s last fart?

Just spent week in Morriston Hospital having my lung drained of 5.825 litres of fluid, the presence of which might explain why I was having trouble breathing. There are too many people to thank for my care. Every stay in hospital leaves me wondering how the staff cope and keep smiling and keep going. Thanks too to all of you who kept my spirits up with your texts and visits. Back in harness now as you can see!