Sunday, August 29, 2010

EDL Stormtrooper

He’s a little man,
but when he’s hidden in a crowd,
he feels ten feet tall,
powerful and proud.

He’d never take you on
one to one in a fight,
but if he’s part of a gang,
watch your back, right?

He’s part of a column,
though he can’t add 8 and 8.
his life is consumed
by loathing and hate.

He’s a work-shy little shit,
but if he can put the blame
on anyone else
that makes sense, doesn’t it?

He’s a tool in the hands
of would be dictators,
blunt instrument once used
disposable, deniable later.

They did not pass in Bradford. Not enough people understand that fascists have to be confronted physically, before they can do any damage. It will be too late to defend beleaguered communities if they are given a free hand to run riot. Wherever they are active, the incidence of racist crime multiplies like nowhere else.

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