Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wounded in Action

Don't look away,
as you pass me by.
Look me in the face.
Look me right in the eye.

I watched you wave your flag.
I saw you cheer and scream.
I've seen it ever since,
in every waking dream.

Straight after the explosion,
when a bright sky turned black
and I could not move one finger,
or raise my shattered back.

I saw you line that street,
with your well-intentioned friends,
but where are they all hiding
as I battle to make ends?

Not looking for your pity.
Don't waste your charity.
Now that I'm beached and wrecked,
just treat me with respect.

Don't turn away,
as you pass me by,
Look straight at what's left of my body.
Answer the question - why?

The picture shows Gelli Aur and an open day to raise funds to turn it into a facility to treat wounded and traumatised soldiers in Wales. Wales, per head, contributes more recruits to the army than any other part of the UK, yet there are no such facilities in our country. Governments of every colour are all too ready to send our young men into war, but they are not prepared to look after them when they return having paid the price for the folly of others. It is a crime that these boys have to depend on charity in their own land and how ironic is it that those of us, who opposed the wars in the first place, are the first to put our hands in our pockets to put this right?

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  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Well done Rej. Is this one you have submitted for the collection? B of Scribes