Friday, March 05, 2010

School Photograph

Familiar faces
every one
frozen awkwardly
in that moment.

Head leaning
to one side,
I didn't really want to know,
eyes closed,
I didn't care to see,
teeth bared,
I was too timid,
whisps of hair intruding,
I was careless.
a careless pose,
I was ignorant,
contrived arrogance,
I thought I knew.
blissful ignorance.

Familiar memories,
in all their eyes,
through every one.

She promised to meet me
at the end of the road.
An opportunity lost.
I didn't care
to please her.
An ambition achieved.
He swrore
he would forgive me.
A hatred nurtured.
She asked me
if I was responsible.
A moment of fear.
He was balmed.
Uncontrolled laughter.
The other one
was rewarded.
Unashamed sadness.

Familar feelings
at inconvenient moments.

She left a note
This is no time for self reproach.
I destroyed
the evidence.
Everybody does that kind of thing.
He was watching
through my open door.
The past must be buried.They all knew
the truth
in the end.
will have to pay
for the damage.
Think of the future!

This photograph
has been ripped to pieces
many times,
yet patiently
and neatly sellotaped
and every time.

This old, new poem actually dates back to 1966 and my first
year in Swansea. I was lucky enough to have one to one
tutorials with Vernon Watkins and he encouraged me to
play around with line structure.

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