Sunday, March 14, 2010

Myrddin's Daughter (for Catrin Finch )

She can conjure sunlight anywhere,
light a rainbow in your hair,
pluck wind sound from the sullen air,
soothe a wildcat in his lair.

She suspends us in her glass
where safe in her mysterious clasp,
as breezes toying in long grass,
in seconds hours fly and pass.

She can make the night sky throng
with voices summoned by her song,
oh how they make us yearn and long
for the places we belong.

She can strum the strings of Bogota.
She can raise Tryweryn's star
and though we listen from afar,
she reminds us who we are.

After hearing Catrin Finch perform with the Colombian group, Cimmaron, in the Taliesin Theatre, Swansea, Friday March 12th 2010.An unforgettable night. Myrddin is Welsh for Merlin and an alternative Welsh title is Merch Myrddin.

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