Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Retrospect

High walls do not keep
a terror out, but
lock the terror in.
Bright citadels live in fear
of outsiders and were built
by those who have everything
to lose and nothing to give.

In those cities were too many old men
poring over books, plaiting
words into their own shapes,
far too many young men
pouring blood from scripts,
swords placed in their hands.

The path homeward was narrow
as you started out,
but then, as you progressed, grew wide
and though you began on your own,
you soon found others at your side.

Together now,
we can look back down
at those awesome structures,
which once seemed to us
impenetrable, so tall,
and see, at last,
where small cracks are forming,
and know those grey slabs
will fall.

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