Wednesday, July 01, 2009

AN-ABADENN-DAÑS ( The Wedding Dance )

Someone else's party.
Someone else's girl.
What was I doing there
waiting on the edge of the world?

One shove was all it took,
then we were locked together
at the epi-centre of the whirl.
I just had time to say,
I don't need pushing,
before it took hold
and we were swept away,
I need holding back
left redundant on the air,
beyond all reason,
torn out of time, past care,
lost in the frantic rhythm of one breath,
music made by eyes meeting.

Sweet madness we forged,
so wild, so strong.
Our dance once started still
salsas on.

The title for this is taken from The Chieftains' 1998 recording 'Celtic Wedding', which features Breton music. Unusually for me, this poem is completely auto-biographical.


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