Friday, May 01, 2009

Careering Downhill

I could have been a journalist
and told you porky pies.
I could have been a copper,
when the self same skill applies.
I could have been an odd job man
with my tendency to skimp.
I could have been a porn star,
but my excuse is always limp.
I could have driven taxis.
choosing most circuitous routes.
I could have been a con man
with my natty line in suits.
I could have been a teacher,
but I knew I'd never cope.
I could have been a dealer
with my fondness for all dope.
I could have been a doctor
and dished out bitter pills.
I could have turned to magic,
but I lacked those little skills.
I could have been that priest,
who heard you all confess.
I could have been a therapist,
but I couldn't handle stress.
I settled for the easy life
as you can surely see,
two jobs, two homes, two faces,
absolutely fabulous for me,
thanks to all of you who voted
for your good friend and local M.P.

It would be funny if it wasn't true!


  1. Fantastic!!! Did you see Question Time last night? Hillary Benn was defending Gordon Brown to the death!

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