Thursday, March 05, 2009

Warning Signs

On green benches MPs doze.
The PM strikes a confident pose.
Deceptively the canker grows.

Speculators cut and run.
Where did all our money go? Who knows?
Unchecked the canker grows.

Crooked bankers’ personal profits soar.
Ruined banks rush like lemmings to foreclose.
Greedily the canker grows.

Supermarkets shuttered.
Unsold cars parade in rows.
Silently the canker grows.

Steelworks rust and groan.
Pits and factories close.
Swiftly now the canker grows.

The broken city bleeds,
Its children food for crows.
Merciless the canker grows.

The lark falls from the sky.
The oily river overflows.
Unbridled the canker grows.

Deserts expand. The oceans rise.
Whichever way the hot wind blows,
Relentlessly the canker grows.

Deception, destruction, disaster, death
Follow each other like falling dominoes.
How openly the canker grows.

No use your bitter words.
The comfort of ignorance is what you chose.
Too late now to understand how canker grows.

Who was it that posed the question... Socialism or Barbarism?

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