Monday, October 13, 2008


First, they went for the asylum seekers.
Banner headlines trumpeted as one,
It was only reasonable and fair
That they should take their pitiful problems ELSEWHERE!

Then, they went for all the foreigners,
Or anyone with a suspicion of dark skin.
There was very little fuss, after all,
“They all look just like Palestinians to us.”

Then they went for the Welsh,
With that weird language
And once the miners had all gone,
A miserable race, of little use,
Save for the odd sentimental song.

Next in the firing line,
People with alien, or
Obviously made up names.
Kelly, Balls, Blunkett, Jack Straw,
Milliband, Mandelson and myriads more.

When the government finally shut down the presses,
Ex journos began to look at the world around,
Desperate for help, but totally bereft
To find, that of their former readership
There wasn’t one reader left.

OK time for some frivolity. This is my entry for the Palestine Think Tank's [ see link ] poetry competition.PS just changed the image. I have a better use for the other one and this one makes the point better.