Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Song of Our Times

Here’s to the Prime Minister,
I must bring him in,
His excuses for conflict
Are wearing quite thin.
He claims it’s for Freedom
We must all die in war,
But I just spotted Liberty
Vanish through the back door.

Here’s to the generals,
We must bring them in,
No longer in armchairs,
Consumers of gin,
But in studios with cameras,
All serious and grim
For God, Queen and Country,
They sing the same hymn.

Here’s to the arms dealers,
I must bring them in,
For all human life
They don’t give one pin,
As long as rockets roar
And their profits roll in,
Secure in the knowledge
That they always win.

Here’s to the media,
We must bring them in,
Masters of deception
And wizards of spin,
Since the lost days of youth,
Wizened, long in tooth,
They’ve lied to us so often,
They’ve lost sight of the truth.

Here’s to our good friends
We must all now come in
From wherever we are
We’re all of one kin.
When the others all wheedle
That Truth’s not in fashion,
We’ll answer with one voice
That Truth is our passion.

This is inspired by the first track on Bellowhead’s outstanding CD ‘Burlesque’. We were lucky enough to see them live at Brampton Live last month. WOW!

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