Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am not afraid

I have heard the roar of fighters
Blot out the skies.
I have felt the hot wind
Ripping at my eyes.
I have seen the world
Disintegrate in lies.
I can smell your fear.
It comes as no surprise
To one as young as I.

Tell me you understand.
Reach out and touch me
Restless where I lie
Look me straight in the eye.
Explain why your face
Grows paler than this cold, cold clay.

There’s no need to hesitate.
The dry taste in your mouth,
As you struggle to find the right way
With words, will pass. It’s never too late
To admit you find yourself
In the wrong time, in the right place.
With no way out. There’s nothing left
But to share in my fate, or

Like the gatherers in the night,
Wait for the first cracks of the dawning light,
Be calm. but be ready to fight.

Photo shows children in Gaza. According to the BBC, conditions there are now the worst for over 40 years and the Israelis are threatening 'a holocaust'.

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