Saturday, January 19, 2008

A message to Mariam Rahai from the Israeli Airforce ( after the fact )

It was not wise to be seen in the company of your sons.
Men of a certain age are like to be the ones
We seek out with our high technology.
So, you had another grandson on the way,
But surely it would have been wiser for you to stay
Cowering behind your own four walls
And though working from dawn until sun set
May be seen by some as industry, it was always likely to get
You here in the wrong place at the wrong time
With a donkey cart full of oranges like a neon sign –
Looking for a target? Here choose mine!
Let’s face it, at the age of 53,
You’d had your fair share of life, you must agree.
Love of your neighbour did not keep you safe from harm,
Nor did your love of peace and the calm
That followed you everywhere until today.
That’s not the way we see things from up here where
We can still see you lying in the street
With your own flesh mixed in with your hair.

"Either we all kill each other, or we share what there is to share."
Daniel Barenboim

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