Thursday, December 13, 2007


For my benefit Mr. Kite
came out to play today,
tumbling, like a giddy clown
out of a cold sky
tantalizing territorial crows
with one flick of the tail,
leaving them flailing
at an empty patch of blue,
where just a fraction before,
he had hung out in air,
while I had watched his show,

dumb as stone, no sound
ringing in my ears,
stripped of all my pride,
feet firmly anchored on the ground,
eyes filling with tears.

Thirty years ago, my friend Colin and I would go off in search of the elusive Red KIte. At that time there were only 30 breeding pairs in Wales. Now, thanks to a brilliant campaign to protect these magnificent birds from farmers who poisoned and shot them they are widespread and I can even enjoy them from my own front garden in Glais. Welcome to my Iranian readers!

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