Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jobs for the boys

When one career comes to an end,
It’s good to have a friend
Or two or four to see you through
Make sure there’s something useful for you to do.
Now the Bliar is heading Middle East
With a healing touch to soothe the savage beast,
Thoughts turn to others and the part
They might have played
If only one’s imagination had strayed

Attila the peacemaker
Would surely have known the way to break a
Stubborn deadlock,
Knock a head or two together
With the help of Genghis Khan,
His roving ambassador,
A paragon of sensitive diplomacy,
Noted for his wit and bonhomie,
And matched only in this by Paisley,
Newly appointed Vatican emissary.
You surely would not have turned up
The chance to visit Fred West, sex therapist ,
Or Dracula, trainee phlebotomist
And with a marriage on the rocks
Drop in on Bluebeard, relationship counsellor,
Aided and abetted by Crookback and Huntley,
Both seasoned and well practised childminders
Or Mengele, the house-trained social worker.

This list could have gone on for ever. I'm sure you will have a few of your own favourites to add. I got the idea ( and Attila the Peacemaker ) from a great two line letter in the Independent.

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