Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fox in the City

Red one in the royal park,
Trailing her brush,
Snout down, sniffing a path
Across lush, cropped grass.
A glancing blow of light bounces
Off the distant walls of glass.
The ghost of a shadow flashes blindly past.
A sullen siren moans
Behind manicured brick.
She pricks up her ears,
One foot in mid air.

Pin-striped city pigeons pause,
Shuffle together nervously,
Weigh up all the risks involved
In hoovering up a paltry offering
Of discarded tourist crumbs.
A green slick of parakeets
Swarms into the high branches
Cackling insults, out of reach,
Impervious, ruffling in a sudden breeze.

I will wander where I please
And long after I am gone
Out of the tapestry of crystal and steel,
In your minds, I will shimmer,
I alone.

This one is for Abi and Jason to thank them for showing us Greenwich Park and sharing our little adventure in 'the smoke'.