Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fox in the City

Red one in the royal park,
Trailing her brush,
Snout down, sniffing a path
Across lush, cropped grass.
A glancing blow of light bounces
Off the distant walls of glass.
The ghost of a shadow flashes blindly past.
A sullen siren moans
Behind manicured brick.
She pricks up her ears,
One foot in mid air.

Pin-striped city pigeons pause,
Shuffle together nervously,
Weigh up all the risks involved
In hoovering up a paltry offering
Of discarded tourist crumbs.
A green slick of parakeets
Swarms into the high branches
Cackling insults, out of reach,
Impervious, ruffling in a sudden breeze.

I will wander where I please
And long after I am gone
Out of the tapestry of crystal and steel,
In your minds, I will shimmer,
I alone.

This one is for Abi and Jason to thank them for showing us Greenwich Park and sharing our little adventure in 'the smoke'.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Klimtomania now available ......

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