Friday, November 17, 2006

Walls 3

3. The Berlin Wall

They scaled its grubby concrete face,
adapted the skills of moles,
or vaulted from the other side
on the end of fibre glass poles,
died in droves to flee from the forbidden place
across the great divide.

So where has the monster disappeared?
Where is this thing that we all feared?
The odd graffittied monolith still stands
and where the JCBs have cleared
the memories away, the market stalls
each offer multi-coloured souvenirs.

Yes, you can buy the genuine article
at bargain prices and on any street,
along with a sliver of the Iron Curtain,
VOPO documents of uncertain origin,
and objects from the Fuhrer’s bunker
to go with your chunk of Berlin rock.
Dou you remember all the rhetoric about giving the Soviet bloc freedom? Now all we hear is complaints about the number of Eastern European migrants coming over here for work.


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