Friday, November 10, 2006

So near and yet ....

Just as we top the first rise,
just as we catch the first glimpse of home,
why are the tears still flowing?

It’s the knowing.
It’s the certainty that some
will not make it past the lies.

Now that we know for sure.
Now that there’s no denying
why does my heart so stutter still?

Yes, time itself can kill
and whilst yet more are dying
the guilty turn out clean and pure.

Gravediggers’ work is not yet done.
Walking dead cling to the light.
Butchers adopt new guises.

And you wonder why the world despises
the profit seekers in the night,
fat, safe, not sorry, each and every one.

They need not fear the fatal message.
No folded flag comes to their front door.
They’ll carry on much as before,

Patriotic speeches across the floor,
scant attention to the poor
victims of their power games
and with the coming of old age
after dinner speeches to ensure
their pension funds grow more and more.

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