Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mr. President explores a new policy ....

I know the human being
and fish can co-exist
peacefully. This one here,
flat out on the dish, missed
the boat, caught at the end of the pier
by an angler who had not read
our agreement. It was
just a problem with communication,
not a policy failure on my part.
People have a need to be fed
and they turn to the sea, because
ours is an island nation.
It’s nonsense to demand an investigation.
There is no connection with escaping radiation.
Nobody ended up dead,
apart from the fish, and that
was not part of the new deal
and, as the prophet said -
goddamn fish can’t feel!

Hey! Do you really have to put up with this jerk for another two years? Sorry nations that live in glass houses shouldn't throw .... Image by Carl Groat.

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