Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Message to our Sponsors

The Great Architect of Nations says:
collateral damage
gnaws away at your own foundations.

The wise man says:
he who walks on the other side
is still splattered with mud.

History says:
the smallest concession to dictators
unites with them in the spilling of blood.

Your bank balance says:
for every digit you read,
add ten to the body count

And no matter what your accountant says,
and no matter how high the shares climb,
you’re running out of time, for

Your conscience knows,
the relentless pursuit of profit
is not the same as the pursuit of happiness and

The proverb says:
he who sleeps with the devil
becomes the devil.

This poem is for Shi Tao, Kianoosh Sanjari, Mohammed
Abbou and Nguyen Vu Binh, ‘The Martyrs of the Web’
( The Independent Friday 27th 2006 ) and is a warning to
Google, Yahoo and Microsoft not to continue collaborating
with the Chinese and other dictatorships.


  1. Really good post.

    Who on their deathbed, ever said they wish they'd of worked more overtime?

  2. renegade,
    "more overtime" ! Nice line.

    The poem was a very smooth read. Loved the quoted style.