Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election Day

Let the bells ring out
Let the whole world know it's coming.

Let the bells ring out for Rumsfeld
Let them spread our joy and cheer
Let the whole world know that there is hope.
We can bring an end to fear.

For Bush there's disappointment writ on his tiny face
As he sees the voters confiscate all his brand new toys,
but in homes throughout the land the thoughts light up
they’re coming home, they’ll soon be home - our boys!

So let the bells ring out. Let the fighting end.
Let them spread the news. It’s come
and Karl Rove can resign himself to ending up
just another washed up bum.

But though there's fun and laughter for all
And they’re breaking out the beer
Let's not forget to keep the pressure on
To make it crystal clear.

Let the bells ring out a warning
to those who follow on.
Don’t turn back on what you’ve promised -
you too can soon be gone.

Missed yesterday's post. Stayed up too late enjoying the election results. I don’t think Walter Brennan would care for this!

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  1. Great! And it was a great day here too. The cheering must have heard by you there!