Monday, October 23, 2006

When the sky winks ....

Who switched the lights off?
Gridlock loves NY.
The Wall Street marionettes lie
On pavements, sucking black air,
Or mole-like snuffle
In the subway station,
Members of the world’s most powerless nation.
In Central Park, eyes turn anxious
Skywards, but even stars lurk behind clouds.
The Starship Enterprise is not allowed
In US air space and Star Wars
Are subject to a super natural pause.
The sage at the wheel of a beached Yellow Cab
Confesses to a priest with the gift of the gab,
Being kept in the dark is peculiarly frightening.
Who’s behind it all - Osama Bin Lightning?

A piece of whimsy today, first published in the South Wales Evening Post ( 12.9.03 )

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