Friday, October 27, 2006

Slough Strikes Back!

( with apologies to Betjeman )

Come friendly bombs and fall on Blair.
He’s scarcely even human now.
It makes you really wonder how
they fell for him.

And as for unctuous Gordon Brown,
he strains with one hand on the crown,
so now’s the time to bring him crashing down.
He’ll make no difference.

Take Prescott and his double chin,
his weak right hook, his cheesy grin,
his fondness for illicit sin.
He explodes himself.

Destroy the ugliness of Reid,
on fear and hatred he must feed
to satisfy ambition’s need.
Disintegrate him.

Take perm a sun tan, Peter Hain,
who flushed all principle down the drain,
a prancing peacock chasing gain.
Irradiate him.

Come TNT and blow to smithereens
all well conditioned spin machines,
the tame MPs, the wannabes and old has-beens.
Take them all!
Announcing a mini blog break. I'm off on my travels again. Not so far - Teignmouth in Devon to visit an old friend from university days. Back on line on Monday.

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