Sunday, October 01, 2006


This is where they are buried.

This is Ali Abdullah, aged 60.
This is Mohammed Abdullah, aged 15.
This is Sabha Abdullah, in her 80s.
This is Sana Abdullah, aged 35 and pregnant.
This is Ali Kamel Abdullah, aged 14.
This is Mohammed Kamel Abdullah, aged 13.
This is Hussain Abdullah, aged 10.
This is Hassan Abdullah, aged 9.
This is Lama Abdullah, one year old.
This is Zahra Abdullah, aged 52.
This is Hadi Abdullah, aged 6.
This is Mirna Abdullah, aged 13.
This is Maryam Abdullah, aged 29.
This is Mohammed Ghannam, aged 35.
This is Suha Abdullah, aged 30 and seven months pregnant.
This is Qassim Ghanam, aged 17.
This is Mustaffa Ghannam, aged 15.
This is Hussain Ghannam, aged 14.
This is Zeinab Ghannam, aged 10.
This is Fatima Ghannam, aged 9.
This is Duha Ghannam, aged 7.

This is Blairs’s vacuous, ‘not guilty’ smile.
These are Bush’s dead eyes.
This is the glory that was Israel.
This is the legacy of our civilisation.
This is our shroud of silence.

I don't mind telling you that there are tears in my eyes as I write this and a burning anger that will no be put out until they pay for this. Follow the links...

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