Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The houses of Matera,
carved out of skulls,
stacked like decaying bone,
Year Zero in one landscape.

Flayed by stinging spirals of dust,
we began to trudge upwards,
in search of tourist traps,
tunnelled into crumbling stone,
the colour of rotting parchment.

After the wine, the must.
After the procession, deserted streets,
resonant with cries for
yesterday’s feet of clay,
‘Viva S.E. Mussolini!’
‘Viva Silvio Berlusconi!’

What became of the diggers?
Where is their memorial?
Somewhere underground.

Matera is a World Heritage site and I hadn't even heard of it before stumbling across it during our exploration of Apulia. To say the site was stunning just doesn't do justice to what we saw. You can see more info at....

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