Friday, September 22, 2006

Street Party

Dance in the face of your oppressor.
Dance on the face of the dollar bill.
Dance till all the guns fall silent.
Dance until the hawks are still.
Dance to the rhythm of marching feet.
Dance till dancing fills the street.
Dance to stop the Cruises flying.
Dance in the names of both living and dying.
Dance with the innocence of youth.
Dance with the defiance of the old.
Dance knowing dancing is the truth.
Dance to drive away the cold.
Dance to keep the passion burning.
Dance, for every step is learning.

No blog tomorrow. Break for public duties. We are going to die in Manchester. The plan is to totally surround the Labour Party Conference in the G-Mex Centre and at 2.15pm stage a mass die in. You probably won't see this on the news, so I'll take some pics and post them as soon as I can. This photograph was taken by 'Bob' on one of the London marches and can be found at...

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  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Hey, would you mind if I posted your pic in Peace Traingalleries? Its a site/blog about activism and it would be very interesting to have a UK perspective. (we're American)

    I just created an album for photos from protests/etc. and it would be great to have some "diversity" and to hear about other countries, their impressions, etc. We hardly hear about that here in the US.

    I think the "movements" must coalesce, connect, communicate and collaborate.

    Please write about how the demonstration goes.