Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Thus ...

Mad Thomas cut a fine figure
in his sombre blue uniform jacket
with its Merchant Navy badge
sewn precisely in the centre
of the top pocket.
His shoes always gleamed.
He had a persuasive smile
and a soft, soft voice

... we came ...

Mad Thomas lectured
to us students
in the Meadow Lecture Room
they sent two porters
to carry him out. learn...

Mad Thomas gathered together
flocks of visitors
to Swansea's Guildhall
(Hitler he commented
had chosen it
for his seat of government.)
and conducted them on guided tours
they discovered that he
was in the wrong institution.

...the value ...

Mad Thomas lived with us
in the Aquarium
bought us chips
at Sketty Cross
and drank
in the Vivian Arms
we were all barred
for singing Die Rote Fahne.

...of insanity!

Believe me, this character existed and did all of the things described. It was my second year in the ugly, lovely town. Some of us, once we get here never leave. Why should we?
The photograph is from Alex Thomas excellent website Swanseacam which you can fnd at

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