Sunday, September 10, 2006

Old Woman Framed in a Window

"The man who had lost his name was listening, down in the
canyon, under the dry creek bed. He was always listening."
Ursula Le Guin - 'At the Springs of Orlu'

While we whispered in the morning,
watched the day as it was forming,
stiff and shapeless, without warning,
she was always listening.
To truths released in stupour,
to gossip, lies and rumour,
without a trace of humour,
she was always listening.

Behind the half-drawn curtain,
searching out each source of hurt
and in the shadow of the certain,
she was always listening.
Pale Madonna,
bride of dessicated lack-love,
watching catlike high above,
she was always listening.
See the pearls of water glistening.
Hear the swirls of rainfall hissing.
Know that somewhere in that mist....
she is always listening.

Back a little late from a stunning walking weekend in Pembrokeshire. More of which later. I have chosen as an illustration this superb portrait by the artist Judy Somerville, 'The Old Woman and the Toad'. Look her up and if she gives me permission I'll keep it on the blog for you to enjoy.


  1. Really good work.

    I added a link to your blog.

  2. What an amazing picture! A work of art in truth... Nice words too my friend...