Friday, September 08, 2006

The Knock on the Door

Here’s a knocking indeed.
The dog recoils in fear,
An unknown hand on the door.
Who’s there?

Does the liar draw near
In his ravenous need
To give the lie once more
And lodge it safely in his lair,

In a diminishing store,
A dormant weed
Waiting fo the sun to sear
All tender shoots of care,

Suck out the very air,
Destroy the seed,
So truth no more
Can flourish here?

I stand outside.
One word from you.
A turn of the key
Then you’ll be safely next to me.
No more to dread you see.
I’m not the one who lied,
Stealer of lives,
Shrinker of dreams,
Porter at the gate of hell. No,
I am come all wrongs to heal..
Look in my eyes. You can tell
It’s me, clean cut, wholesome,
In uniform as well,
So unlike that last one,
Who dropped in, uninvited,
The barefoot, bearded one
From Palestine.

This is quite a complex bringing together of ideas. The title is taken from an Irish folk tune and has both the element of always being ready to welcome the stranger, but also a hint of uncertainty as to what might be on the other side of the door. Onto this I paste references to Macbeth with the associations with violent and hidden death and then the promise of Revelation 3 20 all juxtaposed with the knowledge that today's knock on the door is often followed by the door being kicked in as the anti terror squad bursts in.

You'll have to wait a day for number 60. I'm away to Pembrokeshire for the weekend. Back on Sunday!

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  1. I found this blog at my comrade Jeff Richards's blog.

    I enjoyed the poetry and art work.

    I was going to introduce you to Poetryman, but it looks like I don't have to.