Thursday, September 28, 2006

Government Inspectors Cloze

Never trust an expert though
an expert’s always right.
The thing about all experts is
they’re creatures of the -----.
The best work of an expert
is conducted out of -----.
You can always tell an expert
‘cos they’re frightened of the -----.
If you’ve listened to an expert,
you know that black is -----.
Experts raise you up and up,
then drop you from a ------.
Experts lead us into war, but
have you ever seen an expert -----?
Experts tie you up in knots
and their knots are always -----.
Never challenge what an expert claims,
because, like wolves, they ----.
When considering the views of experts,
when you get right down to it,
the government and its experts
are always full of ----.

This is a cynical, if light hearted participation piece in which the reader, or audience, is expected to fill in the blanks. The picture is the venerable Lord Hutton, a man who combines the attributes of three wise monkeys in one person.

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