Friday, September 01, 2006

Free Fall

Nothing can restrain your spiralling through
The ice edged air. It sighs, sucks and snatches
Impotently at sleeves. Gulls wail, keening
In the self sealed ear, so many voices
Slipping through into endless night until
Even siren whispers solve into one
Sharp slipstream, hissing, exhilarating,
Shy eyes slam shut against revealing sight.

Yet, defying all sense, one startled stare
Freezes dark, deaf rock, waiting there below,
Such heart stopping certainty, even you
Must know at last - nothing has no limit.

Sticking with a theme today. Both of the last two poems came from the same place.


  1. You are now posted, my friend. Rhossili Down...


  2. Directed here from thepoetryman...very nice...and peace to you sir.