Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Watching Gavras's 'Missing'

( Advice before entering a makeshift mortuary in Santiago )

1.Wear warm clothing
to prevent excessive shivering.

2.Tread carefully
whilst negotiating the bodies.

3.There is no need to look down at first
as all of these have already been identified.

4. Note how efficiently
bodies have been displayed.

5. Some bodies
have yet to be determined.

6. When necessary, use the framework of the iron staircase
to support yourself whilst searching for your own son.

7. Some corpses have been spread over the skylight
to block out intrusive light.

8. Leave the cinema during a cloudburst.
This will help wash away the tears.

9. There is no known remedy
for this knowledge.

The film came out in 1982 and there is still a community of Chilean exiles in Swansea to this day. The criminals have not yet been brought to justice. I could make a long list of all the attrocities that the USA has been involved in, but what would be the point. We all know. One piece of good news, the good citizens of Connecticut have buried Joe Liebermann today One down, how many more to go?

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