Thursday, August 10, 2006

Victim No. 57

Jean Charles de Menezes

He didn’t read The Sun.

He lived in a suspicious house.

He had an odd, dark skinned way of walking.

He was an electrician
( though they didn’t even know that ).

He knew about the Death Squads in Sao Paulo,
( but not the ones in London ).

He had a fear of being followed.

He was scared of guns.

At the first sign of trouble, he ran. ( They lied )

He heard screams of panic and terror.

He didn’t understand
how quickly we are sinking.

This poem shows how easily even those who believe they are aware can be taken in. This version includes two words "They lied" which were not in the original, because it was based on the first press reports of the killing. These were, of course, a pack of lies. Today we find ourselves in the midst of a massive 'terror' alert. Let us hope that no more innocents pay with their lives for Bliar's insanity.

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  1. Hi Richard

    Great Poetry! I have an idea about setting up an evening of poetry readings against war possibly at Theatre Mwldan in Cardigan or at other similar arts venues in West Wales. What do you think?

    Contact me if you reckon there is some mileage. Also try and get to the Humanity First public meeting in Carmarthen on 17th August (see my blog for details) also tell all your friends (shameless promo).

    Peace and love