Friday, August 04, 2006

The Quiet American

First Voice
Do you remember where and when
The quiet American arrived?
He’s turned up again.

Second Voice
Was it in a Saigon Bar,
As he smoked a joint before
Dashing off deliveries
Of Agent Orange and napalm
To ungrateful Vietnamese?

Third Voice
Wasn’t he Savimbi’s friend,
Helping sow Angolan earth with mines,
There, where they still harvest limbs today?

Fourth Voice
That stage manager in Santiago,
Never really behind the scenes and then,
As thousands disappeared,
Didn’t he disappear just after them?

Fifth Voice
Who trained Contras
To be selective,
With nurses and teachers first
On Death Squad lists?

First Voice
Now he’s planning to come back,
Where once he helped Sadam
Turn air to acid in Halabjah,
Bringing a new message,
Dropped, as usual,
From thirty thousand feet.

Some sounds bite better
Delivered from a height.
Weapons of mass destruction
And state terror
Just ain’t right.

He has such style,
The quiet American.
Coming soon
To visit you and yours
With his brilliant Colgate smile.

Two blogs in one day! I'm blogging early, because tomorrow morning at 6am I'm setting off for London to give Bliar what for. I hear he's had to cancel his holiday already. Good! The title of this poem comes from Graham Green'e novel of the same name. Worth a read to know that the leopard doesn't change its spots.

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