Sunday, August 06, 2006

Judith I

I too was a hollow man, powerful,
In a dream state, commanding everyone,
Not Jehudit, craving what I could not
Have and in my frantic impotence,
I fall for salted cheese and heady wine,
Like many men before me and to come,
When my thoughts were fixed on the night in bed,
Fantasy ended, as I lost my head.

If I come to you in such finery,
dripping in gold and perfumed to the gills,
Think twice before you make plans. Misery
Is a better option than death. Accept
Your limitations, or you’ll not see my
Triumphal widow’s cry of ecstasy.

Back to Klimt, one of his most powerful images. Notice the severed head in the bottom left hand corner! This poem is based on the biblical story of Judith and Holfernes, which is a classic of Jewish resistance, but it it is equally a classic of all resistance to oppression, which Zionists would do well to remember. Yesterday, there were 100,000 people on the streets of London protesting against the Israeli war machine and its few supporters, namely Bush and Bliar.

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