Saturday, August 19, 2006


His agents provocateuses, unlike men
Who seek to be invisible, waiting
With a well timed obscenity, or a
Shove in the back to inject confusion,
For their weapons choose innocence with guile,
Shattering complacency, slapping your
Stubborn faces with a satisfied smile,
Inducing anarchy with defiant style.

We bring out the red in you, hot flushes
Out in the open, anyone can see,
No furtive groping in guilty bushes,
No secret messages from her to me,
We offer only openness, honesty,
Breaking boundaries with transparency.

You have to stop and think about where and when Klimt painted this portrait to appreciate how far ahead of his time he was, when there are still people today who are uncomfortable with the idea that people of the same sex might love each other.

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