Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Friederike Maria-Beer

Compulsive seeker of definition
Needs alter ego to share time and space.
Must have outgoing, lively disposition,
A willingness to blossom and to face
Your own timeless demons, premonitions,
Unwanted feelings that one’s out of place,
Far too high above your chosen station,
Virtueless, without a single saving grace.

In the crook of her hands, jewelled and hooked
A wistful clutching as she stood and looked,
Wondering why she’d rouged her cheeks, applied
Scarlet to her lips and, not knowing, sighed,
My emptiness is now complete tonight,
My darkness defined by the fact of light.

Have I really reached 50 poems? It seems as if I only started yesterday! I certainly didn't think it would be this much fun when I started, or that I would have reached 15 countries by this stage. It has to be Kilimt again today and the cycle of 16 is nearly completed.

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